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Oct 19, 2019

We discuss German Switch Releases, Japanese Tax Revision, Natsuge Arcade Closing, and the video games State of Mind, Devil Engine, Shenmue 1, Silent Hill 2, Juno First, and Landstalker.

Aug 23, 2019

Breaking Hard Off news, returning to Metal Gear Solid 4, and Shikhondo, Vasara, Guwange, Ketsui, Battle Garrega, Game Tengoku, and of course Zero Ranger.

Aug 3, 2019

Ruiner, 428 Shibuya Scramble, Travis Strikes Again, Robotics;Notes, Steins;gate, and A Hat In Time get the Hinge Problems (R) Treatment (TM).

Jul 25, 2019

We give Nine Out Of Tens to Devotion, Symphony of the Night, Bloodstained, Barkley 2, Hiveswap, Murdered Soul Suspect, and review the Playstation Classic Again! Is Game Art???

Jun 24, 2019

Paprium Reemerges, Gunlord X's release, The Missing creeps us out, Judge Eyes made Rudie close his eyes, The death of Akiba, GP32 and all The Her Knights All For Princess talk you could want.